What should I do when I move out?

Make sure to provide sufficient written notice to your landlord letting them know when you intend to move out.  If you’re not sure how much notice is sufficient, check the terms of your lease.  Usually, you must give your landlord at lease 30 days notice that you intend to vacate.  

  • If you move out before your lease is up, get your landlord’s permission before you sublet your room.   

  • If you have to break your lease, ASMSU Legal Services can give you advice on how to limit the costs associated with early lease termination as well as how to hang on to your security deposit.   

  • Return the keys.  Don’t overlook this seemingly small step.  If you fail to return your keys, your landlord can charge you for the cost to change the locks to the entire house, which can be very expensive.  

  • Complete all the required cleaning and take date-stamped pictures of the condition of all items on the move-in condition checklist.  If possible, do a walk through with your landlord after you have completed all the necessary cleaning. 

  • Provide a forwarding address so that your landlord can send you your remaining security deposit.  

What does my landlord have to do when I move out?

What should I do after I sign my lease?